Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Learning Kendo 剣道の稽古に参加する

I am learning Kendo (剣道) in my working place (小向工場).
Kendo is one of the Japanese martial arts which has about 300 years history. I think it was started during Samurai era...
mm... the reason i am learning Kendo... might be to get myself occupied (other than work and Japanese language) and get to know something "Japanese" and its cultural.
the photo taken during a welcome party for the newbies(after practising Kendo)...

JOIN me anytime if u are interested! :)
Place: Kawasaki Komukai
Date: Every Wednesday(after work), Friday(after work) and Saturday(morning)
(Free of Charges, except have to spend some money to buy the weapons and outfit)
and it is FUN! FIGHT while SHOUTING!