Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kendo first grade!! ^^ (剣道1級審査OK!)

(from left)Katou san(teacher); Higuchi kun(kendo mate);me;Naito san(teacher)
in the kendo exam hall

Today I would like to share about [Kendo and I]!

Last year, Dec 13th, I passed my Kendo first grade(=coklat belt)
(hehe... sorry it is not up to date news.)
but, still hope to share the moment of happiness with you in my blog. ^^

During the exam, i have to fight with 2 opponents(about 1min each)
there are videos for me in the FIGHT! haha... My sensei(Naito san) took the video for me.
i was too nervous and i fall down 2 times at the first fight =.=

As for the exam judgement, as long as there are a bit of "skill of hitting", "spirit of shout" and "brave of attack", then consider pass. ^^

Have a look!

Fight Video 1 (i start from right)

Fight Video 2 (i start from left)

Some more photos!!

I have upgrade to 剣道一級! (my name: 洪麗君)

one of my favorite sensei(teacher) Tsuruma san

Received my certificate(temporary) of Kendo Grade 1

Kendo, still have very long way to go. Is very painful, but I love it. no pains, no gains
Planning to sit for black the belt exam this year April. Wish me luck. ^^