Thursday, May 21, 2009

1st November back MALAYSIA!!!! [my sister wedding and 3rd sis to-be-born baby!!!] 十一月帰国する予定

my dear friends... i going back soon! my memory lane of my university life... randomly pick from my old photo... MISS THOSE DAYS... ^^

2nd college, POWER! ^^

MMK also power! haha.

hope you guys a doing great... :) (shuiyu still being shuiyu? katak still like katak? robin.. wait for my touch n go ya!! )

CC pangkor trip, but i cant remember this taken in which year CC trip ... haha

Cameron Power!! haha.. we jumped high high

putra jaya firework... a big gang of us went there by 30 motorbikes??!! like mat rempit na... (lynnwey, i think u are really lenglui NOW!)

malaca final year trip.... nice pose huh

malacca again... (duno saulong losing weight d or not le?!!)

study hard in BBG with my ex-room mate. miss those days.... with the smell of KL gate burger. haha... (wansien still loving chocolate like before? miho still like to eat like before?)

house 41.. cooking fun... (chukit, have you turn into shengchiat d?)

cadcadm and manuc BIG family photo!! ^^
cadcam tioman trip...

class mate in UM with Dr.Hamdi, angel teacher of us.

was so YOUNG!!! I am missing those times in university... the days as student... riding my red broombroom to UM... buying delicious PJ gate karipop... waited at 3am for eating karimee... doing project sleeplessly... going to pasar malam and eat `tou fu fa tang yuan`...

I am back to see you guys fresh up my memory!!! :) soon... haha

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[Incrediblely amazing] Salad+onigiri Dinner! すごいお握りと美味しいサラー

As I mentioned before, I have to save money for flight tickets........
So tonight I decided to have a light dinner (so that i can keep fit too ^^).
My main dishes were SALAD and ONIGIRI (I bought 134Yen for 2).

First of all, let me introduce the salad, which was Incrediblely Amazing Delicious Salad with low calorie! (but sorry for the bad dressing :p)
I got extra carbbage in my fridge, then just simply put it the canned sweet corn, two kawaii tomato... and one more secret recipe: fried small union which sent from Malaysia (i like fried small union! ^^).
When i was eating, i really couldnt believe that the fried small union match so well with the vegetables!!! really really tasted good!
Feel free to try it if you are "fried small union lover". (of course, Miho wont even think about this salad - she hates it)

Secondly, is the ONIGIRI (rice wrap by seaweed and normally it is in triangle shape). The main point I want to express here is "the convenientness in Japan". The first time I ate, I was so surprised. Let`s have a tour of the ways of eating Onigiri.

yaaa... is a triangle Onigiri. but where to start to take off the plastic wrapper?

It goes according as the numbering shown... 1,2 and 3.

first, tear from the tip... (number 1)

untill the backside of it...

then tear from the left hand side tip... (number 2)

actually should use both hands to do it, but i dont have 3rd hand to whole camera!!!

then ok!!!

now right hand side pula... the same way. (number 3)

ten ten ten ten.... the plastic wrapper was sucessfully taken off !!!

(after one bite) it was soba chicken flavour. not bad. ^^

Question: Maybe you will wonder why dont just wrap the rice with seaweed?!!!
Answer: Seaweed is in dried form, it will be kind of melt/stickcy after contacted with the water/air. To ensure it last longer, the clever businessman think about this wrapping method. [it is just my stupid personal opinion.. hehe]

Monday, May 11, 2009

what we need for summer?bikini? 夏は何が必要ですか?

no more sakura... no more snow... no more over coat... no more gloves... no more thick blanket (fudon) when sleeping... no more heater when taking shower...

the weather in Japan is getting warm >20℃ . Is SUMMER time!!! ^^ ( is bikini time too...)

you guess what i bought just now?

Bingo! is a stand fan! which can avoid me sweating on the bed...

i spent 9minutes 39second to assembly her. quite long huh? :p

TADA!!! That`s, my "Pink Lady Fan"! By the way, one of the special characteristic of Pink Lady Fan is....

hohoho... the height is adjustable! ^^

and one more strong point is.... she has Timer (タイマー)!
Ya, i know... it is just so so... is not a very impressive fan. :(
but... actually this is the cheapest fan in the shop, about 3500yen (~RM120). But the wind blowed is quite strong, so i chose it. :) Some other expensive fan even has romote control, no noise, aesthetic design, 360degree of fan turning directions, touch detaction.... but is ok, i dont need that. as long as the blade can turn then i am satisfied. ^^
I have to save money to buy air ticket to back to Malaysia ne... hehehe

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother`s Day Wine 母の日のプレゼント

Mother`s Day Wine 妈妈的~母亲节礼物~

I present this gift my warmest regards.
To you, my mother, who in so many ways, I am always indebted.
Though I do not always say so, my heart is full of gratitude.
Please take care not to overwork and may every day be a happy one.
You are a wonderful mother and our love for you lasts eternal.
Thanking you always. Loving you always!