Thursday, May 21, 2009

1st November back MALAYSIA!!!! [my sister wedding and 3rd sis to-be-born baby!!!] 十一月帰国する予定

my dear friends... i going back soon! my memory lane of my university life... randomly pick from my old photo... MISS THOSE DAYS... ^^

2nd college, POWER! ^^

MMK also power! haha.

hope you guys a doing great... :) (shuiyu still being shuiyu? katak still like katak? robin.. wait for my touch n go ya!! )

CC pangkor trip, but i cant remember this taken in which year CC trip ... haha

Cameron Power!! haha.. we jumped high high

putra jaya firework... a big gang of us went there by 30 motorbikes??!! like mat rempit na... (lynnwey, i think u are really lenglui NOW!)

malaca final year trip.... nice pose huh

malacca again... (duno saulong losing weight d or not le?!!)

study hard in BBG with my ex-room mate. miss those days.... with the smell of KL gate burger. haha... (wansien still loving chocolate like before? miho still like to eat like before?)

house 41.. cooking fun... (chukit, have you turn into shengchiat d?)

cadcadm and manuc BIG family photo!! ^^
cadcam tioman trip...

class mate in UM with Dr.Hamdi, angel teacher of us.

was so YOUNG!!! I am missing those times in university... the days as student... riding my red broombroom to UM... buying delicious PJ gate karipop... waited at 3am for eating karimee... doing project sleeplessly... going to pasar malam and eat `tou fu fa tang yuan`...

I am back to see you guys fresh up my memory!!! :) soon... haha


  1. Yes. 2nd power! all power!! red sheep power! :)
    The pangkor photo is 2nd year CC trip..
    i like the cameron photo, it shot chiat very cute..and smaller..haha..Saolong is very good in maintenance...coco as well.. miho being more aggresive.. chukiat darker but not bigger...
    welcome back! waiting for your return, we shall have a great party then!


  2. You mean i was not as pretty as what I look nowadays lor...hoho...but I look suck in the photo that you displayed at here =p

    If sau loong getting thinner then I'll be getting much much prettier dy,cz this is how it works between him n me,lolz

    Yea,as Miho said,we shall throw a big big party to welcome you back!
    I miss those time...
    Shopping by dragging Pay along...bedtime pillow talk...going up penang then heading down to Sg...if not,overnight at your room at Summit here eat there...and 1 more thg,to laugh as loud as you,wahahahaa~

    How long you gonna stay at Msia before going back Japan again??

  3. C ya friend! If can bring back few japanese "ga zai" introduce us... kakaka

  4. Haha.. welcome back my friend. But i think, that time i will be in Vietnam de..
    We see how then.