Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kendo first grade!! ^^ (剣道1級審査OK!)

(from left)Katou san(teacher); Higuchi kun(kendo mate);me;Naito san(teacher)
in the kendo exam hall

Today I would like to share about [Kendo and I]!

Last year, Dec 13th, I passed my Kendo first grade(=coklat belt)
(hehe... sorry it is not up to date news.)
but, still hope to share the moment of happiness with you in my blog. ^^

During the exam, i have to fight with 2 opponents(about 1min each)
there are videos for me in the FIGHT! haha... My sensei(Naito san) took the video for me.
i was too nervous and i fall down 2 times at the first fight =.=

As for the exam judgement, as long as there are a bit of "skill of hitting", "spirit of shout" and "brave of attack", then consider pass. ^^

Have a look!

Fight Video 1 (i start from right)

Fight Video 2 (i start from left)

Some more photos!!

I have upgrade to 剣道一級! (my name: 洪麗君)

one of my favorite sensei(teacher) Tsuruma san

Received my certificate(temporary) of Kendo Grade 1

Kendo, still have very long way to go. Is very painful, but I love it. no pains, no gains
Planning to sit for black the belt exam this year April. Wish me luck. ^^

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Japan Burger King + Malaysia Pepper

Dinner at Burger King @Kawasaki last Friday after kendo.

Was so surprised when i saw the Malaysia flag on the flyer and menu...
wondering what to do with Wooper?!!

then I read carefully....
[BLACK PEPPER WOOPER]!!! \\(^_^)//
>> they are promoting new flavor burger by using Malaysia produced pepper (Lada hitam buatan Malaysia... )!! haha....
My memory flashed back to the Secondary school Geography textbook, ya, Msia was one of the biggest exporter of Black Pepper! ^^
But is it to the extent of promoting using Msia Pepper?!! mm.... not sure how many people know about Msia pepper.

But at the end I ordered a Teriyaki Wooper instead of Lada Hitam one... hehe...