Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shizuoka 2days trip 静岡2泊の旅

Last weekend I went to my friend, Ozawa Yusuke (小澤佑輔)`s house at Shizuoka (静岡), Shimizu Town (清水市). About 2-3hour away from my place, Yokohama (横浜). They are my team mate during the 1 month orientation of new employee.

Before I continue about the trip, let`s have a flashback for the orientation, it happened 4months ago... I had never publish anything about my classmate yet! ^^ (was busy that time... hehe) In a class about 40 Japanese, I was the only `alien` and it was an unforgetable experience.... felt like very useless, and I totally couldnt communicate with them coz they speak too fast.... was very tired coz everyday I have to 120% concentrate to try to understand them and the teachers... but always end up I only exist physically in the class.... well, even now, im still working on it. :)

my first nomikai (飲み会)with my teamate... nomikai is a "drinking party" which is a way to make friends and get to know each other for Japanese. For Malaysian, is same as out yamcha / mamak habit.

my teamate again. the photo taken during the 3day2nights camp at Hakone (箱根). We were having our Adventure Rally. it was fun although we lose. :p

Here is my whole classmate (3 team in a class). We made the class flag which became the Champion for the flag competition. We were class C4, TOC(4)BA. C stands for Confidence, Cotinue, Challenge, Create... the spirit of new employee!

That`s a little story about my working life which I left out.... okay, let`s continue with the SHIZUOKA trip!!!
Shizuoka, where the highest mountain in Japan, Fuji located. Just few hours away from Yokohama...

we took the train... for about 3 hours journey...

then we reached the town called Shimizu. The amazing thing is, the guy in the photo, his name also is Shinmizu! 清水~ haha... he is so famous... the place named after him.

Shimizu is a place near to the sea. Fish is fresh and sashimi (raw fish) meal is a must! That is Sakura Ebi (Cherry Blossom Prawn) and Maguro (Tuna) rice. with a bit Ikura (Salmon roe).

This was what i ordered, Negi Toro (Green Onion Minched Tuna) rice. It was delicious, but a bit too raw for me.... I gave to my friend after ate half of it. :p

The sea is so near, so we fishing... This is my first catch! the fish name is something like Makigawa... duno... haha..

After took picture and had fun with the pity fish, we released it to the sea. :) [look, the fish seem very angry!! ]

Believe it or not, this is another catch!! hehe.... guess total i got how many?!!

the romantic sunset made me sad...

we were waiting.. waiting and waiting patiently for the.... hungry fish to get caught... hehe

was a great fishing experience! thank to my friend who teach me way of fishing.. and finally, i got total 5 catch!!! :) the champion of the day! hehe...

then we went to a department store. We found this, Japanese call it karakara, I call it "turning egg". I got an orange handphone strap, which orange is also one of the famous things in Shizuoka.

Dinner time! This is Oden, which like our SteamBoat, but it had added sauce and seaweed powder. Is one of the must-eat-food in Shizuoka. but.. the best is......

this!!! superd delicious!!! is it the Fried Sakura Ebi (Cherry Blossom Prawn) rice with Udon (Japanese Noodle). The Ebi is SWEET!!! :) My friend said, in Japan Sakura Ebi only can be found at Shizuoka. [duno why i couldnt rotate the photo to the right angle... it became like this after i uploaded it.... ]

the hotel and the view, i love Shizuoka! you can feel the nature of beauty everywhere.

We went to the beach... we found of one the world heritage, The Stone!!! :)

We climbed mountain... (by car... ) the tea plant...

then we also saw BIG ballon which the children is inside it!!! i wish i can get in too. Imaging that im in a bubble and standing on the water! how awesome it is!!! :p

another special thing about Shizuoka... this is the place were the author of Maruchan (小丸子) was born.

in the train, on the way back to "reality"... although it was only 2 days 1 night trip, but i felt like long holiday of golden week. mm.. maybe because of the fishing.... waiting.. waiting.. and waiting.... time went slowly......
nearly forget, Shizuoka is the place where earthquake happened last few weekss... hehehe... [which mentioned in my last post]

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

earthquake... 地震

”This morning , I was waken up by the shake of my bed. I was so frightened as everything around me was shaking and swinging... I thought i was dreaming.

Without a second, I realized it was EARTHQUAKE.

I kept sitting on my bed to observe the situation carefully before i run my life. With my blurred eyesight, nothing was falling from my rack or table, although there was still shaking continuously.

Before I decided to run under the table where I stored my 'emergency bag' (with food and medicine inside), the nightmare stopped.

Then I continue my sleep after looked at the clock, was 5am.... ” zzzZZzzzzz.......

While worried about the Typhoon from Taiwan, suddenly the earthquake came... This is my first ever 'biggest' earthquake I had experienced! (since last few times when the earthquake happened, I was sleeping deadly and totally didnt realize about it. ) It last about 20 seconds.

I was scared but luckily no hurt no tear. I am OK! dont worry :)

From the news, then only I knew that Tokyo and the surrounding areas have been hit by an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6. Four prefectures were affected. The worse was the prefecture called Shizuoka(静岡). The highway was collapsed, the room was messed up, the shop was in chaos... I am not sure is there any casualty. ok, im going to stop here, else i will become new reporter. .. . . :p

god bless us. and the earth...

more news about earthquake at Shizuoka (about 2hours drive from my place)
(photo from the website)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Toyko Choufu Fireworks 東京調布花火

Although it is as hot as Malaysia, but I like the summer of Japan!
It is fulled with firewroks and various event. Last month 18th I went to Choufu, Tokyo with my bunch of Japanese friends to watch 120,000 shot of fireworks, from 19:20-20:30!!!

it is out "territory" which booked by my friends who went 3hours earlier than us. behind us is the train railway.

Satou Nozomi, with her beautiful 'Yukata'. 'Yukata' is one of Japanese traditional clothes which wear during summer. Its design is like kimono by it is thinner and cheaper.

behind us is the place to by food or drinks. can have picnic when watching fireworks.

there is also guy's yukata. (cant see his face.. sorry... : ( )

the place was flooded by about 250 thousand people!!

couple in yukata, so romantic!!


Mickey but only with ear and face....

small eye rabbit.

2 mickeys?!

tilted SMILE!


with my lousy LUMIX DMC-FS3 this is the result.... i guess it was a Hello Kitty! haha

a star going to explode!


delicious lollypop! :p

the last shot was gorgeous!

full house photo at the train station before we leave! Enjoyed! it was a fun day! :)