Tuesday, August 11, 2009

earthquake... 地震

”This morning , I was waken up by the shake of my bed. I was so frightened as everything around me was shaking and swinging... I thought i was dreaming.

Without a second, I realized it was EARTHQUAKE.

I kept sitting on my bed to observe the situation carefully before i run my life. With my blurred eyesight, nothing was falling from my rack or table, although there was still shaking continuously.

Before I decided to run under the table where I stored my 'emergency bag' (with food and medicine inside), the nightmare stopped.

Then I continue my sleep after looked at the clock, was 5am.... ” zzzZZzzzzz.......

While worried about the Typhoon from Taiwan, suddenly the earthquake came... This is my first ever 'biggest' earthquake I had experienced! (since last few times when the earthquake happened, I was sleeping deadly and totally didnt realize about it. ) It last about 20 seconds.

I was scared but luckily no hurt no tear. I am OK! dont worry :)

From the news, then only I knew that Tokyo and the surrounding areas have been hit by an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6. Four prefectures were affected. The worse was the prefecture called Shizuoka(静岡). The highway was collapsed, the room was messed up, the shop was in chaos... I am not sure is there any casualty. ok, im going to stop here, else i will become new reporter. .. . . :p

god bless us. and the earth...

more news about earthquake at Shizuoka (about 2hours drive from my place)
(photo from the website)


  1. Glad that everything is fine there...
    Yet,you can still zzz like pig after the incident,geng!

  2. Wa...I wan feel earthquake too!!!

  3. phew~glad that you are fine !

  4. ah pay siao one...
    dont worry, guan yin ma will popi popi u... haha!

  5. Scary~ Glad that u're fine! =)

  6. thanks!! ^^
    but a bit shake shake on the bed was fun!

    but there is a scary prediction. In recent years there will be a big earthquake in Japan.

    which based on the previous earthquake history, BIG earthquake happens about very 100 years. Last time was The 1923 Great Kantō earthquake which caused >100,000 deaths...

    this time, is predicted to be near to Tokyo area. (O_O)!!!

    guan yin ma really have to popi popi me...