Sunday, August 2, 2009

Toyko Choufu Fireworks 東京調布花火

Although it is as hot as Malaysia, but I like the summer of Japan!
It is fulled with firewroks and various event. Last month 18th I went to Choufu, Tokyo with my bunch of Japanese friends to watch 120,000 shot of fireworks, from 19:20-20:30!!!

it is out "territory" which booked by my friends who went 3hours earlier than us. behind us is the train railway.

Satou Nozomi, with her beautiful 'Yukata'. 'Yukata' is one of Japanese traditional clothes which wear during summer. Its design is like kimono by it is thinner and cheaper.

behind us is the place to by food or drinks. can have picnic when watching fireworks.

there is also guy's yukata. (cant see his face.. sorry... : ( )

the place was flooded by about 250 thousand people!!

couple in yukata, so romantic!!


Mickey but only with ear and face....

small eye rabbit.

2 mickeys?!

tilted SMILE!


with my lousy LUMIX DMC-FS3 this is the result.... i guess it was a Hello Kitty! haha

a star going to explode!


delicious lollypop! :p

the last shot was gorgeous!

full house photo at the train station before we leave! Enjoyed! it was a fun day! :)


  1. Oh you live in Japan! Thank you for your comment at the shoutbox of my blog. So you went out for the Hanabi. You had such a good time. よかったね! I only go to Tamagawa riverside Hanabi every year, which is around the end of Aug. usually and this year as well.

    Please enjoy your Japanese life! :)

  2. hello:)
    I'm Minjoo Cho working as an intern in TOSHIBA for 2 months. I just arrived here, but I don't have any idea because there are so few international student here. I searched your blog by google, and I want to hear you about the life in Japan. Hope you're still here. My e-mail address is

    Thank you:)

  3. smily fireworks is cute ね~

  4. WAH!!!! I love fireworks ... it always leaves a very warm feeling in my heart!!

  5. Like it very much... wat a wonderful night yo!

  6. Dear, your look with the 'yukata' girl very cute neh!! =)

  7. Summer in Japan must be awesome! Envious~
    The fireworks are so beautiful and unique...

  8. thanks for dropping by friends.
    the summer in japan is full with event and fireworks... and really HOT! :)

    only that look is cute nia??!! :(