Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn 秋

// Beautiful... is the word to describe Autumn in Japan.

-- Momiji 紅葉(Red Leaves) is truning red.. weather is getting cold... --

-- Through the momiji, the day looks brighter --

-- Temple and Momiji, is the best combination for Autumn of Japan --

-- Kuji 籤 (luck lottery ), must-have-item for temple --

-- Shinkyo (神橋) Sacred Bridge with red mountain--

-- Little waterfall at the temple, named 長さか流--

-- the photo all taken at Nikko City (日光)--

Nikko, by normal train, 2~3 hours away from Tokyo. Nikko+Autumn+Momiji = Must-Go!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Typhoon = BAD DAY.... 台風=不幸な日

Typhoon (grade 18) hit Japan severely this morning. I was one of the victims among... i dont know how many thousand hundred people... almost every salary man go to work by train were effected (maybe 50% of Japan citizen got effected). The trains had to STOP because of the strong wind. The famous Tokyo Yamanote Line was dead completely!!!

Normally, I just go to work at Kawasaki which is one station away from where I am staying. But, today, I have to go Shibuya (one of the station in Yamanote Line) for some training. It only need 45min to reach Shibuya normally, but today I spent 5hours to reach there!!! I got out from dormitory at 7.30am, but reached my training center at 12.30pm..... (-_-!!!) I was totally wore out when I reached...... @_@

The things became worse because....
--------my IPod ran out of battery!!! (oh my god, i dont know how i past the time.... )

Then the worst is....
--------one the way, my handphone battery also gone!!! (I was thinking to take photo and video of: the umbrella "flip over" and flip back again... girls walking against the strong wind with a hand holding on their skirt... people sitting at the staircase and all around the station... people "squeeze" themselves into a "sardin train"... but i could not.... )

what a BAD DAY....

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Work for Toshiba Japan? 日本の東芝で務める?

For my friends in Malaysia, would you like to work in Japan as I am now?
Here is the chance again.

<TOSHIBA Recruitment Talk at University Malaya>
DATE : Oct 7th, 2009
TIME : 3pm - 4:30pm
VENUE : Auditorium Eng. Faculty

Toshiba has a recruitment program called GLOBAL RECRUITMENT PROGRAM, which held every year to recruit people from all over Asia to work in Japan. You can make many friends from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Philipine and even Europe.
I was recruited in 2008, which is the third badge of Global Employees. This time is the 5th year of the program running.

You might worry about the field involved. Only Semiconductor? Actually Toshiba is a big corporate in Japan. The engineering field of the company ranging from LED, Semicon, Home Appliances, Machine, Turbine to Nuclear Power Plant.... all you can think about.

Another worry might language. Dont know anything about Japanese? Dont worry, the company will prepare everthing well for you. After I graduated, I had 3 months Japanese language class in (ICLS --> is a very GOOD language center located in Subang!)Malaysia to learn the basic. Then after came Japan, I had many more trainings in Japan, as you can read from my blog... Japanese, Robot, Career Building Training, Culture Exchange and etc.

Walk in the interview room and TRY it out! It might become your turning point of you life.
which it is what exactly happened to me. ^^

DONT WORRY and good luck!