Monday, April 13, 2009

Sakura!!! 満開の桜

Sakura, symbol of Happiness. The beauty of the bloomed-sakura is undescribeable... I went to 3 places for sakura (1) Shinjuku Gyoen (2) Night Sakura..... forgot the place name.. haha.. (3) Mitsuike koen (again)

(1) Shinjuku Gyoen  新宿御苑

this is No.1 photo that i like the most. ^^

you can feel the heat of `people moutain sakura sea`!

(2) Night Sakura

(3) Mitsuike Koen 三つ池公園 (at Tsurumi ) --- this time the Sakura fully bloomed!! ^^

before (taken on 21th March 2009)
after (taken on 5th April 2009)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2009 Toshiba New Employee Entrance Ceremony 【東芝2009入社式】

A memorable 2009 Toshiba Group New Employee Entrance Ceremony which is to welcome new employees to the company, Toshiba ( This year there were about 850 people (~90% were Japanese). Luckily I am one of them. ^^

The 2 hour ceremony in the Apurico hall (Kamata Eki) included the speech by President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr.Atsutoshi Nishida, speech by new employee representative and introduce of each company representative etc...

The ceremony was carried by using Japanese, so sorry to say that I was really tired to catch up what were they talking about... It was very fast. I will be very happy if I could understand about 30% out of it. but I doubt... :(

One more thing is, my 3 years contract was started activated by today... :p

the hall of the ceremony (photo taken by Peggie before it started)

Take a BREAK outside of the hall! (from right: gheemeng, soonlee, me, peggie and runnie(from Taiwan, and he really can RUN.. RUNnie..)) photo taken by Terry, NICE! ^^

nice fountain but without water... (second from the right is Mr. Terry)

end of the ceremony... time to go back!! (behind us was the bunch of new employees)
ps: Thanks Peggie, the courtesy of the photos... ありがとうね。