Monday, April 13, 2009

Sakura!!! 満開の桜

Sakura, symbol of Happiness. The beauty of the bloomed-sakura is undescribeable... I went to 3 places for sakura (1) Shinjuku Gyoen (2) Night Sakura..... forgot the place name.. haha.. (3) Mitsuike koen (again)

(1) Shinjuku Gyoen  新宿御苑

this is No.1 photo that i like the most. ^^

you can feel the heat of `people moutain sakura sea`!

(2) Night Sakura

(3) Mitsuike Koen 三つ池公園 (at Tsurumi ) --- this time the Sakura fully bloomed!! ^^

before (taken on 21th March 2009)
after (taken on 5th April 2009)


  1. Awesome!!Sakura so beautiful~
    great shot !

  2. Lovely sakura, and so as you on the bicycle.

    Hopefully can see it with my own eyes one day.

  3. omg....
    its realli beautiful.

  4. 1Sis, KenTeh, chimin, kyky:
    it is really lovely! 桜=幸福感! but the sakura cant sustain for long time, bloomed around 2weeks only. maybe because of this, it is so precious. looking forward for next year sakura... ^^

  5. Dear Kim Kim,

    It is really really really beautiful!
    you ride your bic to the place oh..

    FYI, i throw away the PC last time i use in PJ.
    THe old thing cannot function anymore...
    After struggle for few weeks without PC...
    I bought a new set include new monitor..


  6. Am I suppose to visit you during full blossom of sakura or during Japanese New Year le??
    I cannot afford to visit twice le =P

  7. lynne,
    depends on you like Spring or Winter. winter can play snowman, spring can see sakura (but have to pray a bit), coz the time of full bloomed sakura is unpredictedable and it only stand for about 2weeks.
    but... any season also ok la, the main point is i will be with you ma! ^^

  8. Alex+Miho:
    i love sakura too. ^^
    congratulation for buying new PC, but dont bully the mouse by playing chickenrun or dynamic oh!!!
    i will keep tracking on your lovely blog.

  9. 还没去过日本,看你的blog也不错,也能知道些关于日本的东西。这些樱花照片好美哦 !

  10. Wow, very beautiful. I miss seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan.