Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn 秋

// Beautiful... is the word to describe Autumn in Japan.

-- Momiji 紅葉(Red Leaves) is truning red.. weather is getting cold... --

-- Through the momiji, the day looks brighter --

-- Temple and Momiji, is the best combination for Autumn of Japan --

-- Kuji 籤 (luck lottery ), must-have-item for temple --

-- Shinkyo (神橋) Sacred Bridge with red mountain--

-- Little waterfall at the temple, named 長さか流--

-- the photo all taken at Nikko City (日光)--

Nikko, by normal train, 2~3 hours away from Tokyo. Nikko+Autumn+Momiji = Must-Go!


  1. Hi dear...

    I always have a to touch the land of autumn, laden with reddish leaves...
    Inhale in the air and welcoming the coming of chilling winter...

    How i wish i could there...


  2. lynnwey,
    always welcome you here!
    with a big hug from me to warm you up!
    =) im sure you will love autumn!

  3. so lynnwey when are we going to pay her a visit therE??? hahah

  4. sakura and momiji...i prefer momiji...