Monday, May 11, 2009

what we need for summer?bikini? 夏は何が必要ですか?

no more sakura... no more snow... no more over coat... no more gloves... no more thick blanket (fudon) when sleeping... no more heater when taking shower...

the weather in Japan is getting warm >20℃ . Is SUMMER time!!! ^^ ( is bikini time too...)

you guess what i bought just now?

Bingo! is a stand fan! which can avoid me sweating on the bed...

i spent 9minutes 39second to assembly her. quite long huh? :p

TADA!!! That`s, my "Pink Lady Fan"! By the way, one of the special characteristic of Pink Lady Fan is....

hohoho... the height is adjustable! ^^

and one more strong point is.... she has Timer (タイマー)!
Ya, i know... it is just so so... is not a very impressive fan. :(
but... actually this is the cheapest fan in the shop, about 3500yen (~RM120). But the wind blowed is quite strong, so i chose it. :) Some other expensive fan even has romote control, no noise, aesthetic design, 360degree of fan turning directions, touch detaction.... but is ok, i dont need that. as long as the blade can turn then i am satisfied. ^^
I have to save money to buy air ticket to back to Malaysia ne... hehehe


  1. Pinky pinky desu ne...
    show us youe bikini ya!!


  2. Alex+Miho:
    my bikini?! haha...
    i think very hard la... since i came here, i couldnt stop gaining my weight... hehe

  3. are you sure my dear?!here also very hot..and i think to get 2nd fan at my room as well!
    *miss you*

  4. teoh:
    to avoid use air con, so have to buy the fan lo.
    but.. for you, 10 fans also not enough.... hahaha
    Coz you really "HOT" ma! ^^

  5. hehe ... 9 mins is still ok lah ... if half a day, very teruk ... hihihi

  6. Yea,I'll bet you have to save some money back Msia...coz we all miss you neh! ^-^

  7. Pegs,
    you le? your fan took your how many hours to assembly?! hehe

    me too... miss you guys so much!!! cant wait anymore!!! huhuhuhu....

  8. kim, hihihi ... i never assemble fan before, that's y i think 9 mins ok wat (my husband assemble ... hihihi) ... i assemble furniture and models lah :P