Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rasa Malaysia ラサ マレーシア ~3000yen/pax

RASA MALAYSIA (ラサ マレーシア) is a restaurant located at Ginza (銀座) Tokyo, which is the best authentic Malaysia food I had ever tried in Japan! If you never tried Malaysia Food before, please have a meal there, it will not dissapoint you! (i assure) or If you are home-sick or miss the food back home, you really should GO! :)

you will see this once you enter the shop.... RASA MALAYSIA means "Taste of Malaysia" in Malay . ラサマレーシア はマレー語では”マレーシアの味”という意味です。

the arrangements of the shop... still not bad. :)

the meal started with drinks... we had Teh Tarik, Lychee, Cin Cau Syrup (Sirap), and Bandung. Teh Tarik is kind of teh which is very common in Malaysia, (i guess) it became famous after our first astronaut attempted to make Teh Tarik in Space... Cincau is something like jelly in black colour and Syrup is the juice of Rose which is a favourite drink for Malay people. Bandung is Syrup+milk. The best goes to Teh Tarik, it really taste like Mamak-made! (made me more home sick after drank it).

before the war of the meal starts, we took photo with the drinks...

the appettizer is the crunchy Spring Roll with the Thai sauce.

Sate (サーテ) is like Yakitori (焼き鳥) in Japan but it made by traditional spices and with the Peanut sauce. It really taste like Kajang Sate(the most famous Sate Shop in Malaysia)!!!

Char Kue Tiow is fried mee similar as Yakisoba (焼きそば) but the taste is different. I dont know how to describe the taste but it really tasted like home-made... dont miss it if you go there!

Malacca Hai Nan Chicken Rice with the Ball Rice (added with sesame oil i guess) and the White Chicken. Even the sauces are good!

Claypot Chicken Rice with the mushroom and chicken... this i think my Dad has better recipe... hehe...

Santan Chicken Curry which is spicy but tasty!

I am kind of missing the Wantan Mee at Banting, so i ordered Water Wantan. It is like GyouZa (餃子) which the meat is wrapped.

Dessert time!!! デザート!Mango Pudding, im not sure is Malaysia famous for this, but i like Pudding. :)

Bo Bo Cha Cha is a traditional sweet dessert that every house it Malaysia makes. I used to ate it (when my mom is in good mod) when i was home... because it takes time to prepare for the ingredients. Made by Sweet Potato, Yam, Coconut Milk, Tapioca(タピオカ)....

Lastly, Fried Banana. This is a special-made fried banana which invented by the shop. The cold and soft banana is wrapped by the crunchy and hot skin. I never tried such fantastic banana even in Malaysia!! haha... 美味しかった!
I spent about 3000yen (~RM100) for the meal.... I am very satisfied with all the food and for sure i will go again (although is a bit expensive)... coz im damn home-sick now... o(^_^)o

Make sure you make reservation and print the coupon(15% off) before you go. First time we went, without any reservation and we waited for 2 hours, the worse was we stil couldnt get a table!!!! Rasa Malaysia --->


  1. GOOD!come back november u can taste all the malaysia food la!!!

  2. Ann:
    haha... im doing count down... 1month 2weeks and 2 days after i will be eating REAL malaysia food!!! :)

  3. Cendol also have ar!~ Food Pix you had took so nice lah! More smart already Sis!
    Be enjoy at Japan's Life ^^

  4. The food looks delicous oh!!
    Write down your list for the food u wanted!

  5. Alex+Miho:
    dont need la... you have tried out the food all over malaysia, i just need to be with you, bring me to the best!!! :)

  6. oOOooOOOOoooo...someone is home sick there...and the hair no longer curly...

    Dear,glad to hear ur voice during my bday,u do rmbr wor...hahahaaaa...after hearing ur voice,lagi miss you!!! cant wait to share more with you upon ur coming back...counting down....


  7. lynnwey:
    finally see you msg here... have been long time...
    hahaha... miss you too yo!!!
    again... Happy Birthday! may dreams (come to Japan) true...
    im counting down for the day, so that i can listen to your stories.... :) jiayou oh!

  8. War of the meal!! lol
    Yeah, we ordered so many dishes...and finished them all!
    All of the food was so delicious was my first time trying Malaysian food, and I liked them so much! I will definitely go back to the store, too!
    By the way, I heard there is another good Malaysian restaurant in Ginza.
    Let's try that place too sometime in the future! :D