Sunday, January 18, 2009

place where im staying

I am staying at in TOSHIBA Teraya dormitory ( Tsurumi, Yokohama). it is a girls dorm. for the guys they stay in the other dorm which about 10min walk (Creare TOSHIBA Nakadai Dorm).

Yokohama is quite near to Tokyo. by train is less than 1hour. In the map, the place called Kawasaki is my future work place. only one station away from Tsurumi station (place where i stay). Actually currently im still under training which we learn Japanese in Toshiba Training Center placed in Shi-yokohama. everyday 8.30am till 5.ooam. (quite long huh... ><) i only will start working in April/May 2009. ^^ let`s see some photo of my dormitory!!

view from my room 226... we are watching the same sky no matter where u are.... : )

my room which my name is writen there in english and Japanese Katagana.
Ang Ley Kim and アン リーキム ^^

once open the door, you will see a walkway... right handside is storage, left handside is toilet.

yaya.. this is my room. with a cute pinky bear (there is a story about how i got this bear... will tell u in another post) and also a kaeru (frog) which i brought from Msia (given by a cute n good friend) hang on the string from the lamp . actually there is a purpose for the string... easy for me to switch off the lamp when im laying on my sweet bed... hehe.. zzzZZZzzzzz....

on the floor is my little daidokoro (kitchen). the right hand side is toaster (toshiba brand.. hehehe...), middle is my tabemono (food), then square white colour metal is a small refrigerator.

every night before i sleep i will have my bread ready in the toaster, then in the early morning about 6.30am after woke up, i will heat it up then eat with milk and banana... time-saving method... hehe.. and mom said: healthy breakfast is very important!! :p

the dorm is provided us the washing machine and dryer machine which we can use anytime. いいですね!very good!

this is a very important place!!! which is my favourite place too. a commom kitchen where i can make my meal. normally during weekend i will cook and my friend (peggie-san from USM/ Seremban). weekday also we will try to cook if have time and energy.

Initially, eating japanese food was exciting and had good appetite. i even took the photo for each meal we had... but after 2months here, i started miss malaysian food and home made food very much. nasilemak.. bahkutea... laksa.... roti canai... huhuhu..... : (

the area around my dormitory....

the streets which i have to walk by everyday to go to the train station (Tsurumi station). about 15 minutes walk... my shoes and heels get `exhausted` very fast because everyday i have to walk at least 30min (dorm to/from station) and 30min (station to/from training center). :/

outside the station there are a lot of bicycles. i am planing to buy one to park here too! so i can save money fr my shoes. ^^

Seiyu is a supermarket which i shop for my daily stuff. it is located right outside of Tsurumi Station. is very convenient. u know what, i found MILO!!! my favourite energy drink! it is about RM15 for 250g. quite expensive huh.... but is ok, now i still have stock. i brought 2.5kg from Msia... haha...

here is story about the place i stay... next time i will talk about my traning/ work place i guess.
have a nice day! ^^


  1. hey girl, u gave us a very great idea on your work place and all!!Great job! but i wonder how long u took to update this!! Looking forward for your next post! miss you :) take good care !

  2. miss you.... wait me there ya!!!

  3. teoh:
    i have spent my whole sunday noon for it... im wonder how many sunday noon i will have.. haha..
    thanks for viewing. i will try my BEST to be a pro blogger. wish you have a nice week! :)

    haha... always wait for u here.

  4. welcome to be our member! he he
    nice blog! btw don't spend so much time to it
    rest well....

    with love ,

  5. Love to hear from u
    Dont worry, soon will back to malaysia and have ur favourite malaysian's food.
    we all waiting u to join us in Maplek and Murni :)
    Take care, happy chinese new year early say to u!

  6. hope u all the best in Japan.
    take k my friend~

  7. Finally...after much persuasion of mine le,kakakaaaa...

    Small room yet convenient&comfortable!!And many scarfs tiem!! Gt air-con somemore!! sounds crazy liao ;p
    Miss Msia cuisine?Okla,when u were back in Msia again den i'll cook4 u,bt dun complain its taste yea,hehe...

    Miss you too dear,n wait me at Japan ya!(although i'll take much longer duration than ah Foong,hahaa!)


  8. kim, i was wondering do u know teoh is refering to mario? you nvr addressed me as teoh!
    well...i miss msia food as well though im still at Asia..i guess somehow we will always miss our home , food , family and friends when we are away! but guess what? i miss the food you cooked during that times!! especially the butter prawn, the potato egg, !!


  9. kimi,:D
    nice blog..
    nice dorm too,it's better then nakadai..
    yokatta ne, nihon ni sunde iru.. tabemono wa takusan syurui ga arimasukara, kim-san toshite, ureshii ne..
    hehe, maaf campur2 sikit lah, yappari malay-go ga tsukaimasu..
    visit my blog lah.

  10. 1 sis/ happyland picture:
    finally i got my blog updated! im so happy although i spent up my sunday rest time.
    we will get connected via blog, stay tunned!
    love you too! take care.

    Ah Ann:
    Happy Chinese New Year to you too!
    maplek, i miss the nasi lemak and the egg! murni, i miss roti hawaian!
    you got a nice blog! about FOOD! ^^
    when i go back, u must bring to eat haoliao oh!
    and i miss penang asam laksa too... huhuhu...
    next time i will write u about some food in JaPan. take care n miss you!!

  11. Isabelle BlueCrystal:
    hello fren! thanks for ur wish! how is your final year? wish you all the best and take good care. pretty girl, i like your post about "before and after make up"! so cute and brave... ganbatte ne! ^^

  12. lynnwey:
    to stop you from question me nonstop, i have to make this move, got myblog updated.. haha.. anyway, i hope i CAN keep it on..
    thanks for everything u did and will do for me, love you and take care. enjoy you lenggang lenggang punya life ya!! ^^
    ps: now must practice more for cooking ya, i will back soon!!! hahaha..

    Teoh / MARIO:
    you named yourself Teoh so i ma named you Teoh lo... haha... duno why, i can guess is the Mario Teoh! hehe... thanks for being my fan of my cooking. i miss the butter prawn too, because that was the first time and only time cooked. (you really have "koufu"!! ^^) enjoy ur holiday during CNY ya! i have to work on the first day CNY too... here dont have holidays for CNY... :(
    take care and "jiayou" for you "plan" ya! love n miss ya

  13. fuiyoh~
    しかし私は、日本で働くことをしたくない XD

  14. hehe...vy nice blog ler..i also want to make one about me!!yaya, is true, daidokoro (kitchen) is really important to leykim, also important to me (<..>)cos she make a lot of nice foods for me in daidokoro...thanks ya,mama!!