Sunday, January 25, 2009

my first Chinese New Year in Japan

Another sunny but cold sunday in japan. But what is so special today is... CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! today is CNY eve, the day when the whole family sit together and have reunion lunch/dinner. what we call Tuan Yuan Fan. Guess my friends and family in Malaysia now are busy for cleaning and preparing for praying (welcome the god of money at about 12am). then of course the most important time - Fire Crackers Time.... ( though it is illegal in Msia... hehehe...)

Japanese dont celebrate CNY, their biggest celebration is on 1st Jan. that`s why i still have to work tomorrow eventhough it is Nian Chu Yi (first day of CNY). : (

Luckily, I am still managed to celebrate CNY and eat Tuan Yuan Fan with my friends in Japan... ^^ although I am far apart from home....

there were total 11 of us. (start from right and counterclockwise: the okashi Nantha, the majime Alfred (from Sg- sorry that only can only see half of your face... :p), the kirei Vendy, the hansamu Terry(from Macau), the suaiqi Wang(from China), the... ano ne... baka Mikan, the shinsetsu Lorna (from Sg), the hajimete Vjay, the omizu soonlee, the cutest peggie! )

here i am!!! ^^

we made about 8 dishes. included a very deliciuos Fish Curry made by Nantha. he is really superb in cooking! getting more homesick after ate his curry.. huhu.... then we also had a healthy ABC soup, Marmite Prawn made by Peggie. which the marmite was purposely sent by air post from Msia!!! yummy.. yummy...

another dish is a very chinese style Fu Yong Chao Dan (egg with big onion), the egg in Japan is very fresh and delicious. the golden yellowish pork (behind the egg) is butter pork which made by butter, egg yolk and pork (i modified from the butter prawn which i made before). i think if i used a chinese wok instead of pan it will taste better. ^^ besides that, we also had Bah Kut Tea ( but used chicken instead of pork), a vegetable (Xiao Bai Cai)... i didnt manage to take the picture of the dishes because we were too busy with EATING!!! hehe..

after the meal, we ate some CNY cookies which is an authentic Msia cookies. yes, it is a must-have item in CNY!

after that, we went to Chinatown in Yokohama (station of Ishikawacho) with the hope of can experience some CNY atmosphere. but... a little bit dissapointed because couldnt see the Lion Dance or hear the CNY`s song... neither. mb i expected too much... hehehe

anyway, it is a very typical Chinatown. the buildings, the landmark, the restaurant all loooks very `Chinese`... that`s the reason of the name of `Chinatown` i guess.... :p

got Big Pao somemore!! hahaha... 360yen is about RM10... i didnt buy it because i doubt its taste can beat the taste of a home-made Bao or not...

me and Lorna (from singapore). finally we found the display of a Lian Dance... better than none.. hehe

In the sameday, while we were eating Tuan Yuan Fan in Vendy`s room, my dormitory master knocked the door. Initially, I thought we were going to scold by him (maybe we are too noisy or what...) but luckily, actually he just wanted to inform me that my parcel from Msia was reached. he was so nice!! I were so surprised. The photo above: the things my family sent to me... which let me felt the arrival of CNY! thanks and love ya! By the way, i also received a Pinky CNY card from lynnwey, thanks dear! it is my first CNY card in Jp!! haha... is time to decorate my room... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

just now i received something very special from a special friend... Sim, you had surprised me!!! thanks a lot!!! ^^ i think the cost of stem is more expensive than the pack of milo right?! hahaha...


  1. KIMKIM 有我出現耶! 你以後要勤力一點寫啦,我會好好注意的.

  2. 好丰盛的一餐啊!!他们真有口福:)

  3. Dear Kim,

    gong xi fa cai!! May u bless with all our wishes :) Stay cute, pretty & healthy always !


  4. very nice kim, when is our next potluck?

  5. Hah! I tot u wil b receiving lots of CNY card tiem! Guess i'm d onli one preserve the

    I'm celebrating CNY at Penang Batu Feringgi tis yr,an extraordinary experience compared2 previous yr...Penang is indeed in festive joy! Missing Penang delight now..yum yum! ^-^

    Gong Xi Fa Choi~

  6. Anonymous of `KIMKIM 有我出現耶! 你以後要勤力一點寫啦,我會好好注意的`:
    thanks of reading my blog... but if once you realize this post, can you please let me know who you are? thanks! 知りたいんです!^^

    wish you all the best in this brand new year! stay pretty and getting a BIG FISH soon! with love... ^^

    next potluck, i guess will be one coming SUNDAY, isnt it!!! let`s have malaysian, indonesia food and philipine food!! ^^

    gong xi fa cai! i never been to penang during CNY, guess it will be quite happening huh.
    enjoy you days!!! ^^