Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chiba 1 day trip with teachers 先生との千葉日帰り旅行

It was such a great and relaxing saturday! We went to Chiba with the Japanese teachers. For our class, there are total 6 of us: Nantha (the most nigiyaka), Komang from Indonesia (the most ijiwaru), Mike from Philiphine (the very cute ototosan!!! demo pinku zubon...), Vendy, Peggie and I.

Chiba is a place near to Tokyo... about 1hour away from Yokohama. We departed from Tsurumi at Yokohama prefecture about 8am 鶴見(神奈川県) to Inage at Chiba prefecture 稲毛(千葉県). We reached there about 9.40am and met up with our teachers, Hikichi and Kame sensei (teahcer). ^^ that`s how we started our journey!!! ^^

The location of Chiba prefecture.

Sensei purposely rent a BIG car so that could fit in all of us. So touched! It was first time I travelled by car in Japan and with Japanese.

Our first destination was Ichigogari, Strawberry Picking. Eat all you can! We paid 1400yen (about RM50) per pax and without time limitation!!! ^^

These were the strawberry farm with a shelter. We searched room by room, to hunt for the biggest and sweest ichigo!!!

The strawberries were everywhere and it was very sweet! The owner taught us the way to eat strawberry so that it taste better: after picked out the leave of the strawberry, from the same direction, insert the strawberry into mouth. never turn the strawberry and never put into mouth from the `end` of the strawberry. I tried... i think it works! ^^  美味しくなりました!

Everyone was busy searching the red and tasty strawberry...  苺を探すのが急がしかったです!

ahhhh.... it is mine! dont fight!  私のです!!!

from left: Kame sensei, Hikichi sensei, me, Komang, Peggie, Nantha, Vendy and Mike was the cameraman... 亀先生、引地先生とみんなさん。。。

I tried very hard to dig, to pick, to hunt for the biggest strawberry.... 一緒懸命苺を探しています。。。

when there is a need, there is a way! Luckily, I found it!!! while nanth sitll looking for it... hahaha... i got it... i got it... やっと!一番大きい苺を見つけました!良かった!^^

The second destinaiton was the garden of suisen flower 水仙花。Mike and I.

The scenery was very beautiful and everywhere planted with suisen! こっち。。。あっち。。。

This was sakura tree 桜樹. The blooming of the sakura tree means the spring is around the corner... The ending of winter...

Ikatempura... 烏賊天婦羅。somethings very special at this restaurant.

Hikichi sensei! a very very nice and friendly teacher. Thanks to her, we had the chance to have fun at Chiba. 先生たちのおかけで、千葉で楽しかった旅行ができました。どうもありがとうございました!

Of course, Kame sensei too!  どうもありがとうございました!先日、お世話になっておりました!^^ お疲れ様でした。

That was how we end our trip... with happiness and satisfactions... but tireness... and slept in the train. 寝てしまいました。。。


  1. wow! you've a such great trip !
    i love strawberries!

  2. sister,
    bring you there next time when you come! the strawberry was really really sweet and delicious! ^^