Thursday, February 5, 2009

what did i eat today 今日の食事

in conjunction of Nantha`s birthday(5th Feb), my birthday(3rd Feb) and vendy+terry group got 2nd prize for the robot contest... our teacher treated us ICE CREAM! that`s why i always say she is very good teacher! ^^  アイスクリムを食べたのが幸せ!

the photo was taken in the class. with our teacher, Kame sensei. we were eating the delicious icecream. ^^ 先生、ごちそうさまでした!ありがとうございました!
nantha, Happy 24th Birthday! 南田、お誕生日おめでとう!でもpeakは後一年ね、少々お待ちください!!! ^^ 

for DINNER, we had `girls cook`! we cooked together in the dormitory after back from Japanese class. we have had a very delicious meal! It was really a good medicine for me, as i got `malaysia food sick`.... instead of homesick... *=*

HaiNan Chicken rice and TaoKe made by Jacelyn (from singapore), Sardin made by Amutha (from singapore, the canned sardin as well), the i made the XiaBaiCai+egg(it is mom recipe! i miss mummy`s cook so much!!! )

everyone was started craving for the food while i was still busy with taking photo. :/

finally i got a right position on the rak, sucessfully took the photo of all of us. from left: me, jacelyn (the girl who always wake up late, but still manage to reach company on time, maybe she can apply for Marathon!!!), amutha (very nice girl but dont ever talk in Mandarin infront her, because she knows... very dangerous!!), peggie (ya, is she again.... haha ) and vendy (thanks for the sweet apple you brought).

her room is very very neat and tidy. sorry if we had messed up your room. 申し訳ございません!thanks for having meal with us, we should do this more often if the time and energy allow... haha...


  1. Wow!! Ur blog started to buzz...

    Btw, whose room is that? poor gal...still have2 deal with the messy room after the

  2. おいしそうだね~
    bak ku teh ある? XD

  3. lynne,
    is the little cute girl, Jaculyn`s room. of course we helped her clean up after meal. ^^

    おしいそうじゃないよ。。。 おいしかったです。hahaha... bak ku teh はあります!CNYのとき作りました! ^^ でも、ほんとにマレーシアの食べ物がこいし。。。