Friday, February 20, 2009

eternity love ~ 永遠の愛 eiennoai ~

eternity love.... 永遠の愛。。。

was eaten by me.... 私に食べられました。 ^^
these cookies was made and given by my floormate, a very cute Japanese girl ~ Kimura Sayaka san, during Valentine`s Day (2009 02 14). 木村彩香さんが作ってくれました。
Tasted and smelled GOOD!  美味しいかったです!

Valentine in Japan is a bit different from what I had experienced before...
Here, Feb 14th, Valentine`s Day girls have to give chocolate to guy/guys she like! ( instead of guys give to girls!!!) In result of that, this year I was having a NO-CHOCOLATE valentine... : (

The story does not end like that ......
Of course, the guys have to give some response to the `received chocolates`...
On March 14th, WhiteDay, guys have to give chocolate back to the girl/girls he like!!! ^^
Romantic huh??!!!


  1. korea also same culture eh
    who copy who?

  2. this one every1 noe it ler....

  3. how about chocolate from ur koibito ha???

  4. lynn,
    hahaha!! love u some much!! thanks for support me!! muakssss...

    duno who copy who... maybe both also copy and modify from malaysia??!! haha