Thursday, February 19, 2009

MeeHoon with Stewed Pork シチュー 豚ミーフン

Currently I am having On the Job Training(OJT) at my future working place(officially start on May) , which is a factory called Komukai (for 2weeks, till 27th Feb). Working hour 8.00am - 4.45pm, NO NEED work over time. usually i will reach home about 6pm. ^^ Somemore dont have homework, so I am able to enjoy my COOKING time!!! Tonight, I made something i miss so much! 今私は実習しているで、残業もないし、宿題もないし、それでちょっと料理を作るじかんがあります。作った夕食はシチュー 豚ミーフンでした。。。写真を見て。。。 ^^

my dinner ---- MeeHoon with Stewed Pork! シチュー 豚ミーフン

the `process flow` of the MeeHoon with Stewed Pork:  まあ、作り方は。。。

(1) Get ready with all the ingredients.

- Mee Hoon
- Vegetables (anything u want, i used carrot and carbbage)
- Salt, oil, black oil, garlic, seasoning ...
- the main ingredient, Stewed Pork

(2) Soaking the MeeHoon the water for about 5 minutes. The timing is depending on how soft you want the MeeHoon be. for me... ma... 5 minutes is ok d.

(3) Add a little bit oil in a pan/wok. Put the sliced garlic. stir it till turn in a bit gold colour.

(4) Put in the stewed pork. Add in few spoon of the sos (which in the can) of the stwed pork too.

(5) The pork made in smaller pieces.

(6) Carrot...

(7) Black oil... about 3 table spoons. arg... forgot, have to add about a bowl of water before add in carrot. ^^ and also some salt and seasoning.

(8) Put everthing in.. mee hoon and carbbage. Cook it with a cover for about 5 min.

(9) Stir it nicely with choptick. if the water not enough, then add some more...

(10) The meehoon is done!! できた!

(11) but, i want to add one more things. Sliced egg... just like the meehoon that we had during party!! ^^ 切り卵。。。

first side of the egg...

(12) and the other side too...

(13) CAUTION: is hot! sliced with knife and fork.

(14) That`s it! 以上です!:)


  1. wow...look nice la.....
    how its taste?
    u sell this in japan la..earn money

  2. Yum yum!!

    I will follow ur receipe n cook it by nx week..then i'll post it in my blog for ur comment,hah! Miss ya =)

  3. lechpay,
    tasted like mom`s cook! delicious!! ^^
    haha... i will open a JOM MAKAN in Japan soon. you must come and eat oh! ^^
    ps:hope lynnwey willing to cook for u... haha

    okok, i am waiting for it! one more reminder, i cooked too much because i not sure about the quantity of the meehoon. although only for Peggie(USM girl) and me, but i cooked for about 3~4ppl. then the consequence was i ate alot!!! haha..

  4. 喔!我妹妹真是深藏不漏哦!卖相真好啊!
    我这个时间不应该上来啊~肚子在闹革命了 >_<

  5. me!
    thanks for ur fried mihun ya, 美味しかったよ。ありがとう!although i cannot rush back and cook with you, but at least i can eat with u ma..wakakaa!!

  6. peggie,
    finally you CAN post comment.. haha.