Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my bike 私の自転車

my lovely bike brings me to the place which i wish i can fly to...

Online bought it last week. http://www.sunsun.cc/ Sun Sun bike.
14000yen (~RM500).
with 6 gears. (the bike in Japan has up to 24 gears!!!)
with basket and seat. (but... 2adult riding a bike is illegal in Japan... i DONT understand why??!!!)
included postage fee...

(ps: with University Malaya key chain. haha. ^^)

With my bike, the photo taken....

Tsurumi Bashi... the bridge of Tsurumi. The sunset before the darkness comes...

On the way to Kawasaki...


  1. waw! nice bike! nice view~
    wish she can bring you any dream place
    Be enjoy cycling ^^
    take a good care~

    with love.

  2. Illegal??
    Then nx time you wont be able to bring me around with ur bike liao lor...aikssss :(

    Long long time din cycling around dy...kinda miss those good old days~

  3. wa....Wild Hog by cycling....not bad...

  4. lynne,
    is ok, i can illegaly fetch u! ^^

    without my red BROOMBROOM... now i have black TINGTING... :)