Friday, February 6, 2009

our birthday celebration 私たちの誕生日のお祝い

Friday night, there was a birthday celebration for 4 people... Jan 27th Tan Soon Lee, Feb 3rd Ang Ley Kim, Feb 5th Nanth Nithia..Raj..... (too long, i cant memorize it la.. :p ) and Feb 10th Daphne. We, about 25 of us, had our buffet dinner at the western style restaurant (sorry that i didnt know the name...) near to the station of Sakurakicho. 2200yen (about RM 70) per pax, consider cheap.. and the food was good. especially the desserts. [ sharing: there are some relationships between STRESSED and DESSERTS... stressed is desserts spelled backwards.... so just eat icecream or chocolate whenever you feel STRESSED!!! haha ]

pizza and soup corner of the restaurant... あの食べ放題のレストランです。

desserts corner!!! ^^ デザートコーナです!!

what i like the most.... was this!! CREAM PUFF!!!! creamy but not so sweet. the cakes were not bad too. ^^

the crossaint also tasted good. eat with butter and strawberry jam.... crispy and yummy!!!

Terry-san was digging his meat ball soup... 美味しいそうね!

took a lot of food huh... they really ate a lot. especially the guy most behind one.... ;p (from right: Runnie `Wu Zun` from Taiwan, Wang Chun, Soon Lee birthday boy)

once we reached, within a clip of second, our tables were fulled with FOOD. 世勤さんも一所懸命食べているんよ!!!


Jacelyn and I were so delighted by the desserts!!! she likes sweet food too! ^^


Surapuro (i think i spell it wrongly) from Thailand. This face is his `trademark` when capturing photo, some said the reason is because he dont know how to smile when the camera going to `kicha`.... damn funny guy...


good friend from Msia... えとね。。。ばかじゃないけど、時々ちょっと。。。言わないほうがいいと思います。


breaktime = photo taking session, after 1hour war with the stomach and food... there was another 1hour to go... (buffet time limit: 6.30pm-8.30pm)

at the end of the meal... We found something... this mondaiten 問題点fellow ate alot, until his stomach getting twice bigger and his tummy had became swimming tube... he was so fulled untill he couldnt walked or talked (as much as normal)... a very funny but `problem` guy!

Last but not least, THANKS for having such great dinner with me! such an unforgettable night. ごちそうさまでした!どうもありがとうございました!


  1. wow, you update a lot!! must be a great relief after the robot contest!!

  2. teoh/mario:

    have to always keep update it for u ma.
    after struggled with the first post, the rest getting easier and faster. ^^
    tkcare dear! miss u!

  3. hey, Happy Birthday.....

    Cant manage to cerebrate with you this year...

    All the bst and take care ya

  4. It will be a year Pay&I celebrate birthday with you again~

    Take care dear...alwiz miss you being around ^-^

  5. ハッピー・バースディ~

  6. will be fat ..fat..because surrounded with Good food >_<

  7. lynn and chengPay,
    my birthday will be accummulated... after i back malaysia... i want 1+1+1 presents!!! ^^
    i will memo it in case i forget. haha..

    ありがとう! 日本語がじょうずですね!!! どこで学びまちた? ^^

    dont need `becareful` liao... coz now already getting...XX#$%.... hahaha

  8. Ah Meng went to Japan too !!!!
    we play football 2gether in campus !!!!