Monday, March 2, 2009

Free Online Resources for Learning Janpanese 日本語勉強のツール

Hi guys, for those who are learning Japanese, I think these websites can help you out! 頑張ってね!^^
(1) Top 10 Online Resources for Learning Janpanese for Free recommended by Tofugu`s. Such as Japanese Dictionary, Rikaichan pop out translation, Livestation, Flash card and some more. Dont miss it! [Thanks for Tofugu`s]

(2) Watch Japanese Daily News with the script writen in the website. Listening to the news while reading the script is very useful to understand it. You can even choose the interesting topic/news that you like to watch.

(3) To watch online Japanese movie/drama... (if you dont mind to watch not-so-good quality movie.. :p)

(4) Translation of Japanese-English words or sentences.

For me, those websites are quite useful aided tools to brush up Japanese and but the only problem is... time is always not enough. There are always tonnes of dramas waiting for me... huhuhu... :/


  1. nice web to share ^^
    thank you~

  2. Hi dear!!
    Long time din drop by at here dy...kinda lazy lately,hehe...

    I'll be heading to Bangkok this coming Fri,depart at 8.30pm,will be overnight at Pay's house tml night...
    Finally your Bangkok maps have come in handy! Many thanks for the maps,all of us are counting on it actually ^-^

    Much anticipation for my Bangkok trip! & can't wait to share with you when we are back =D


  3. hey, this post is really informative and useful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amy,
    Thanks. ^^ hope you enjoy my little space of blog.