Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sakura at Mitsuike Park 三っ池公園での花見

"Hanami" (お花見)one of Japanese favourite activities during Spring. Hanami is a cherry blossoms(桜sakura) viewing party, while the people enjoy eating or drinking under cherry-blossoms tree.

Sakura indicates that... the spring is coming.
さくら...春の足音が聞こえてくるような。日本ではお花見が4月初旬 ...

My first Hanami, at Mitsuike Park 三っ池公園 (at Tsurumi ) which about 30min walk from my dormitory. Mitsuike Park is one of the Japan's top 100 cherry blossom spots ( It has about 1000 sakura tree. I was so astonished by the beauty of the park when i reached, because finally I found somewhere I can escape myself from hassle and bustle of city. :)

Anyway, today was a bit too early for viewing full-bloom of cherry blossoms. The sakura is just about to bloom... huhuhu... next week/ next next week will be the best timing to view the most beautiful Hanami!

Photo of Mitsuike Park.... which most of the trees are still waiting for blooming... I guess it wil be very beautiful if all the flowers be in bloom.

The only bloomed cherry-blossom(桜)... so lovely

This is plum-blossom (梅). we sit under the tree and had our 'picnic'...


  1. the photos are beautiful
    a special memory for us

  2. Dare?
    thanks. ^^
    this unforgettable memory will remind us who is the best 'killer'... janai? haha
    i love the place.

  3. i am not gheemeng

  4. I am expecting the full bloom pictures. :D

  5. Ken Teh - Ah Beng,
    okok. I will post it once i took it. ^^
    Japan is quite cold eventhough is Spring now. have to wait for next week for full bloom i guess. :)

  6. nice shot of sakura..
    you had a great time yam cha there^^